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Eagle Brother
Eagle Brother

Ultra quiet design

Patented mute technology greatly reduces aircraft flight noise

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Super stability

Accumulated flight hours 3000 hours 0 accident

Eagle Brother

Long endurance

No load endurance time 3H carrying 10kg load endurance time 2H

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Large space load

The maximum load is 10kg and the internal space is 70L + which can carry most sensors

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Multiple core technologies

Independently developed avionics autopilot and other core technologies

Eagle Brother
Eagle Brother
Fuselage Length 2.3m
Maximum takeoff weight41kg
Radio link range150km
Modular designExternal cargo hold / incubator / password box / Ultra silent
Carrying case size75L
Remote control (optional), charger, relay station, etc
Maximum mission load15kg
Maximum range300km
Maximum endurance time3.5h
Cruise speed26m/s
Wind resistanceLevel 6
rain resistanceModerate rain
Utility ceiling1000m
Maximum takeoff altitude4800m
Takeoff and landing modeVertical takeoff and landing
Vertical positioning accuracy0.5m
Book review direction accuracy0.5m
Logistics model
Standard cargo10kg
Maximum cargo15kg
Standard range100km

Forest fire control, forest patrol

Fire patrolFire investigationAirdrop fire bomb
Eagle Brother

River patrol

Water area shoreline patrolWater environment protection patrolWater ecological security patrol
Eagle Brother

Frontier and coastal patrol inspection

Border PatrolUAV driveAirdrop supply
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h22 oil hybrid UAV

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Super long enduranceSuper loadlong life Bait, medicine and fertilizer integrated machineHeavy load rackPressure centrifugal nozzles are interchangeableHD LED screen remote control
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Eagle BrotherEagle BrotherEagle BrotherEagle Brother
Eagle Brother
Eagle BrotherEagle BrotherEagle BrotherEagle BrotherEagle BrotherEagle Brother