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Super long endurance

Oil electric hybrid ultra long endurance, single endurance of 150 minutes

Super load

Multifunctional seeding box 6-axis quick folding 22L oil electric hybrid plant protection machine

long life

The first water-cooled EFI engine has a service life of more than 1000 hours

Ultra high efficiency

More efficient / accurate / stable, up to 220 mu / hour

Ultra wide application

One machine for spraying medicine / powder, fertilizing, sowing and feeding has multiple functions and long cycle

Super flow

Spray flow up to 4.5 L / min

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1 the 7.5kW engine has excellent performance

The service life is up to 1000 hours, with a cumulative operation area of 220000 mu. The rated load is 20.5l, and the maximum support is 22L water tank load.

2 space class generator

More than 5 years of service life, lightweight self cooling design, more stable and durable.

3 original ECU EFI Technology

Microcomputer controlled ignition no waiting, lower energy consumption, more stable performance and less noise

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4 one click start low fuel alarm

Electronic starter ignition, automatic control flameout, high-precision gasoline level sensor, low fuel automatic return

5 lower fuel consumption

The average fuel consumption is only 6L per hour and 1L per Sorty. It saves fuel by 20% year-on-year, low noise design, no sound at 500m, and the weight is only 8.5Kg lightweight design

6 industry leading water cooling adaptive system

When the temperature is low, the cooling water pump will automatically turn off to achieve the minimum power loss. When the temperature is high, the cooling water pump will automatically turn on and the cooling system will start to work to achieve the best temperature control

Understand our strengths

150 minutes

Super long endurance

0.30 yuan

Cost per mu

1000 hours

long life

Long service life | low operating cost | long engine life | water cooling adaptive cooling system | EFI ECU ignition technology | ignition without waiting | fuel saving | high reliability

Focus on UAV technology innovation

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