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UAV customization


R & D capability

The R & D technical team has more than 10 years of experience in UAV hardware design and wireless communication development, including UAV carrier design, sowing, pesticide spraying system, granular fertilizer spraying device, agricultural data acquisition and analysis, agricultural big data platform, etc

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Quality assurance

It is produced in strict accordance with the enterprise's product standards. The standards have been filed and can be queried online. It has excellent supply chain resource integration ability, quality control and production management

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Differentiated products

The products developed and put on the market have multiple rotor loads, including 10L / 12L / 14L / 16L / 20L / 25L / 32L / 50L, and single rotor loads, including 17L / 25L / 30L

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Intimate service

It has the ability of R & D, design, production, sales, training and after-sales service of agricultural UAV, and provides one-to-one professional service guidance for users

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h22 oil hybrid UAV

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Super long enduranceSuper loadlong life Bait, medicine and fertilizer integrated machineHeavy load rackPressure centrifugal nozzles are interchangeableHD LED screen remote control
Understand products

Focus on UAV technology innovation

Rita Dong Email: rita@ebuav.com

Mobile/WhatsApp: +86 134 1869 7762

TEl: 0755-28727666

Address: 15 Floor ,4 Building ,No.98 Zhihe Road,Dakang Community,Yuanshang Street ,Longgang District,Shenzhen

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