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What's the matter with the "unmanned" but explosive high tech trade fair?

Release time: 2023-11-21

Since its opening, the largest ever High tech Fair in history has attracted widespread attention, with a lively and bustling exhibition venue and a sea of people every day. However, on the internet, many netizens have jokingly referred to this Fair as a "nobody's event". What is this? Originally, at this year's High tech Fair, "black technologies" that can change people's lives, such as drones, unmanned vehicles, and unmanned coffee robots, competed to appear, making people dizzy. Various types of unmanned devices have become celebrity exhibits, and the technological life scenes presented by exhibitors also reflect people's prospects for future life. Now let's follow the footsteps of reporters from Shenzhen Evening to experience this "unmanned event".

Agricultural drones attract citizens to take photos and clock in.

Agricultural Plant Protection Drone

Can sow 300 acres per hour

Put pesticides into the agricultural plant protection drone manufactured by Shenzhen Eagle Brother Drone Innovation Co., Ltd., operate the remote control, and the big guy loaded with 50 liters of pesticides slowly rises into the sky. When the drone reaches a suitable altitude, it can automatically activate the sowing mode and evenly spray pesticides on the fields, truly liberating the hands of "farmers" and achieving modern agricultural cultivation.

According to Dong Yanqin, the sales manager of Eagle Brothers, this drone has both broadcasting and spraying functions, and can carry up to 50 liters of pesticides or 70 liters of seeds. It can automatically adjust the flight altitude and speed based on factors such as terrain and crop types to ensure the coverage rate of seed sowing and ensure the optimal growth effect of crops.

In addition, this drone is equipped with a 30000 milliampere hour fast charging intelligent plug-in battery, which can be fully charged in 12 minutes. When fully charged, it can continue flying for 25 minutes and can complete planting and spraying tasks on 300 acres of land per hour. After completing the task, the drone can automatically return with one click, greatly improving work efficiency. It is reported that in addition to the agricultural field, it can also be applied in logistics, fire protection, safety, environmental protection, aerial photography and other fields, playing an important role in promoting social development and economic growth.

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