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Binzhou City Goes to Shenzhen to Carry out Theme Party Day Activities at the Temporary Party Branch of the "Experience and Understanding Training" Team

Release time: 2023-11-21

In order to promote the deep integration of party building work and business work, and empower the construction of high-quality Binzhou, on November 18th, Binzhou City went to Shenzhen to jointly carry out the theme party day activity of "Party Building Leading Aggregation, Government Enterprise Co construction and Development", including the temporary party branch of the "Experience and Understanding Training" team, the party branch of the Shenzhen Liaison Office of the Binzhou Municipal People's Government, the party branch of Shenzhen Eagle Brother UAV Innovation Co., Ltd., and Bandu Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd, And invited Li Caisheng, Chairman of Eagle Brothers UAV Innovation Co., Ltd., to provide special guidance.

At Eagle Brothers UAV Innovation Co., Ltd., members of the "Tiwu Practical Training" team in Binzhou City visited the company's product exhibition hall and production workshop, listened to the introduction of the company's main products and advantages, especially the innovative research and development and production of drone technology in the industrial and agricultural fields, as well as the innovative development of hardware and software platforms for single and multi rotor drones. In a strong learning atmosphere, people constantly ask the staff about the parameters and characteristics of drones, further expanding their understanding of the drone industry.

After visiting the drone exhibition hall, the Binzhou City "Experience and Understanding Training" team organized and carried out party life according to the theme of Party Day activities. Guo Haibin, Director of the Statistics and Assessment Department of the Binzhou Investment Promotion Center, led the study, and Zhou Changhao, Secretary and Director of the Party Branch of the Binzhou Liaison Office in Shenzhen, combined investment experience and effectiveness to give a special party lesson. He stated that the Liaison Office in Shenzhen will fully play the role of a "window", closely monitor key regions and enterprises with high compatibility and close communication with the Binzhou drone industry, enhance friendship, deepen cooperation, further strengthen communication and mutual trust with Eagle Brothers, and promote opportunities for cooperation in the drone industry. Li Caisheng, Chairman of Eagle Brothers UAV Innovation Co., Ltd., provided special guidance on innovation and entrepreneurship for this event.

Li Mingyue, the leader of the Binzhou City "Insight Training" team in Shenzhen, the deputy dean of Binzhou Vocational College, and the deputy chairman of the Binzhou Municipal Party Committee of the Agricultural and Labor Party, made detailed arrangements and deployments for recent work, and had in-depth exchanges with enterprises around the low altitude economy, business environment construction, and investment promotion policies of Binzhou City. He emphasized that comrades stationed in Shenzhen should actively leverage their own advantages to promote dual recruitment and guidance, and assist in the implementation of projects.

This themed party day is not only a vivid immersive party lesson, but also an inspiring spiritual baptism and a journey of cohesion. The team members have expressed their intention to take this event as an opportunity to further enhance the sense of responsibility and mission of "Love Building in Knowledge". The team members believe that we should practice the concept of "attracting investment is the lifeline of economic work", identify investment paths, use investment strategies well, turn comparative advantages into high-quality projects, industrial clusters, and development achievements, and make greater contributions to promoting the development of high-quality Binzhou.

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