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Eagle Brothers Group visited the Chamber of Commerce for discussion and exchange of "platform helps science and technology innovation and empowerment"

Release time: 2023-02-22

On February 21, Li Caisheng, chairman of Shenzhen Eagle Brothers UAV Group, and his delegation visited Zhejiang Chamber of Commerce in Shaanxi Province to exchange ideas and learn from each other. Sixteen people, including Wu Ningfeng, secretary of the Party Committee of the Chamber of Commerce, Tao Guode, executive vice president, Sheng Guqiang, deputy secretary general, Yu Yongwei, sales director of Geely Group, Cheng Shengli, president of eagle Group, shareholders Zhang Xing, Liang Zonglin, Wang Xiaoyu, and representatives of Zhejiang Commercial Bank, attended the forum.

Tao Guode, executive vice president and president of the Taizhou Chamber of Commerce in Xi'an, on behalf of the Chamber of Commerce, expressed a warm welcome to the entrepreneurs who came all the way from Shenzhen. He believed that Shaanxi's industrial development and industrial chain would certainly provide good development opportunities for the development of Eagle. He also wished Eagle's investment investigation in Shaanxi all the best, landing in Shaanxi as soon as possible, and bearing fruit.

Deputy Secretary-General Sheng Guqiang introduced the basic situation of Zhejiang Chamber of Commerce in Shaanxi Province, and introduced Xi'an in terms of geographical location, urban space development strategy, regional industrial structure, development status of key industries, innovation platform, industrial layout, etc.

Li Caisheng, chairman of Eagle Brothers Group, introduced the basic situation of the company. He said that the visit to Shaanxi was short but fruitful, and he also appreciated the warm help of the Chamber of Commerce.

Wu Ningfeng, secretary of the Party Committee, made a summary speech. He said that Xi'an has good aviation technology, convenient transportation, talent gathering, and preferential policies. These factors will be integrated into resources to help Eagle Group take root as soon as possible, innovate and start up, and expand its ambitions. The Chamber of Commerce will also do a good job in providing services to help the high-quality development of enterprises.

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