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Zhushan County was selected as one of the "2022 Demonstration Counties for Tea Industry Science and Technology Assistance to Agriculture"

Release time: 2022-12-15
Jingchu (Hubei Daily) News (Correspondent Xiang Jihua) The author learned from Zhushan County, Shiyan City, on December 14 that recently, China Tea Distribution Association released a list of "2022 Demonstration Counties for Tea Industry Science and Technology to Assist Agriculture", and Zhushan County was among them.

Tea garden. Drawing provided by correspondents

Zhushan is "the hometown of China's high aroma ecological green tea" and "the country's largest tea producing county". After decades of development, tea has become the primary agricultural industry in Zhushan, and the leading industry to help rural revitalization by consolidating poverty alleviation achievements. Zhushan County now has tea gardens covering an area of 300000 mu. The tea bases are connected into a line, a line, and a plane. Tea covers 16 towns and 205 villages. Eight leading agricultural industrialization enterprises above the municipal level, six tea enterprises above the designated size and 207 registered tea market entities were cultivated. At present, we have developed black tea, scented tea, matcha tea, tea vinegar drinks and other products, cultivated the famous trademark "Shixinghong" in Hubei Province, built the "Shangyong Tea City", a large tea trading center in northwest Hubei, and the comprehensive annual output value of the tea industry has exceeded 3.5 billion yuan.

Tea picking. Drawing provided by correspondents

In the past two years, based on the advantages of the tea industry, the county seized the opportunity of the development of the provincial and municipal tea industry chain, established the new goal of "sprinting ten billion yuan of output value, building a strong tea county in China", and deeply cooperated with the country's largest foreign trade export tea enterprise, the world-class tea manufacturing equipment manufacturer, Xiao Group, to comprehensively promote the transformation of tea garden management and protection, the improvement of tea processing capacity, the development of domestic and foreign markets, and the construction of a tea tourism integration base, Promote the deep integration and development of the tea industry chain.

In order to encourage the careful management and protection of tea farmers, the Zhushan County Party Committee and the county government issued relevant reward and subsidy policies to promote the popularization and application of green, intelligent and efficient agricultural mechanization technology equipment, such as plant protection drones, tea garden rail conveyors, tea hoes, tea pickers, pruners, and edge trimmers, suitable for operation in mountainous areas. In 2022, the per capita tea income of farmers will be more than 4000 yuan. The tea industry has become a pillar industry for the rural revitalization of the county and a "green bank" for the steady increase of people's income.

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