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Yongchuan farmers get rich together, share the fruits of bumper harvest, and actively introduce the professional technology of plant protection UAV for pesticide application, so as to minimize the damage and loss of diseases and pests, so as to ensure the realization of "insect mouth seizing grain" to ensure bumper harvest.

Release time: 2021-12-10

On September 24, with a burst of happy gongs and drums, Yongchuan District celebrated the 2021 "Chinese farmers harvest festival" and the first rural art festival in Banqiao Town. Farmers welcome the harvest in their own way and show Yongchuan's new agricultural achievements, new rural style and new image of farmers together.
"I set up a company in my hometown and used plant protection UAVs to sow and sprinkle medicine on farmland in hilly areas. Last year, I served 190000 mu of farmland all over the country!" Li Jian, general manager of Chongqing Eagle brothers from Yongchuan, proudly said that the promotion of smart agricultural technology has made farming easier.

In Yongchuan, there are many new professional farmers like Li Jian. Zhou Yuen has built a tea base of more than 1000 mu in Yongrong town. He not only makes money himself, but nearby farmers can earn up to 200 yuan a day by picking tea during the picking period. Zhang Xiaohong, who came to Hegeng Town, Yongchuan from Luzhou City, Sichuan Province, also relied on Yongchuan's good policies to produce 2 million bags of edible fungi per year, with a sales of 10 million yuan a year. Looking forward to the future, Zhang Xiaohong said that the next step is to make persistent efforts to purchase thermostatic equipment and realize full factory production in Yongchuan.
In the day's event, the farmers' actors also put the stories that took place in the fields on the stage, telling the story from poverty alleviation to Rural Revitalization driven by the village team. The event also commended the top ten new professional farmers in Yongchuan District and ten high-quality agricultural products in Yongchuan District.
Through various activities close to farmers' production and life, such as millions of farmers celebrating the harvest, displaying the results, saying the harvest from all walks of life, all the people participating in the harvest, and e-commerce promotion helping the harvest, Yongchuan intensively displayed the growth process of farmers and the great changes in the agricultural and rural development of the whole region.

Eagle BrotherEagle BrotherEagle BrotherEagle Brother
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Eagle BrotherEagle BrotherEagle BrotherEagle BrotherEagle BrotherEagle Brother