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Field crops

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Insect control

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Control and flight prevention of Mikania micrantha in Shenzhen yinhushan Country Park


Mikania micrantha is harmful to forests, farmland, cash crops and landscaping. Climbing and winding other plants seriously affect the growth of these plants, causing them to be strangled or pressed to death, or wither due to lack of sunlight and water, unable to carry out photosynthesis

Operation Parameters

Youkuoshu (30% dichloropyridinic acid · aminochloropyridine acid) gemuron (200g / L chlorofluoropyroxyacetic acid emulsion) melol (43% 2mA · difluorinated suspension emulsion)

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Pest control in Shenzhen Honghu Park

Leaf Blight Control

Leaf blight is one of the frequently occurring diseases from July to October. It is a common fungal disease, which mainly endangers the leaves of the plant. If it is not controlled, the disease will lead to the drying and falling off of the leaves of the whole plant

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